Kitto Katto is a play on words of the popular Kit Kat snack and its inspiration is from the casual Japanese Izakaya bars frequented after work for a taste fine food and alcohol.

Kitto’s kitchen is led by Japanese chef Yama Umuida, who is known by his nickname Yama-San. Yama is realizing his dream of introducing the extensive and deep Japanese cuisine to the Israeli public, over and above sushi. Kitto’s surprising and colorful menu integrates Japanese aesthetics, hues and flavors with the course urbanism of Tel Aviv.

Kitto Katto is located at one of the central points in the city - Dizengoff, corner Bar Giyora.
The restaurant features a spacious urban garden, two bars, an intimate indoor area, and a sushi bar (for the connoisseurs).

Branding by Markus Studio